Z.L. Systems established on 1979.

Z.L. Systems represent in Israel the firms:

+GF+, piping systems, Switzerland, P.E. piping fittings, machines for butt / socket Fusion and Electrofusion.

ORBITALUM, Germany, metal piping preparation machines.

DOCKWEILER, Germany, stainless st. piping for all purity grades.

EVANS, USA, valves and special components for industrial piping .

WaterSaver Faucet Co., USA, Products for laboratories and safety.

DEB – skin care systems for workplace and public places.

Our office and repair station locate in Givataim, our wharehouse locate in Kiryat Gat next to Intel campus.

We have long time service relations with industrial companies in chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, energy, water, gas, as well as piping installation companies.

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